Cheeky Chops Cards and Wanky Candles

One off May Cheeky Box

Want to try one of our subscription boxes, but don’t want to commit yet. Not a problem, you can have them as a one off.

Our cheeky boxes are funny, but contain no swear words – so ideal for little snowflakes or your nan x

Our cunty boxes offer goodies to make you smile.
designed and hand-wrapped to give you the perfect pick-me-up at the start of each month.
Each month has a unique theme that changes completely,
but always remains a closely guarded secret, which is a big part of the unique experience.
We design and manufacture all products in house, so you will always get something
extra special.

Please note discounts are not available on these boxes as they are already crammed with goodies and you are getting them for a bargain price.


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